Section J - Juniors
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You can submit entries to the Facebook Junior Exhibition by adding a post with photos of your exhibit(s) to the Juniors Facebook event page. Just click on the red button below and it will take you there


For Example to Enter Class 1. Drawing.

Click on the 'Enter Here for Juniors' button, post yin discussion & in the title put Class 1. Drawing Olivia Age 8yrs and then you're done! 

Wait for those likes and comments, there are no prizes or places this year

Please dont forget to look at the DISCUSSION tab on the Facebook events page for each section. Posts will be approved on a regular basis so please be patient 

If you are not on Facebook, you could find a friend or relative who can upload your photo(s) for you or send an email to us at


Please also display your entries outside your home, on a table, in the drive, as decorations or in your windows -  during the weekend so that people can see them as they walk by.

Juniors open themed section - JAPAN

It is hoped the Olympic games will take place this year in Japan. A great opportunity to explore the Japanese culture and to get behind supporting Team GB

Here are some themed ideas but feel free to interpret and create your own, Click on the underlined text to get inspired and for examples

J.8 Drawing – pictures of your favourite Pokémon or Animé characters, your initials in Japanese calligraphy, a portrait of your favourite sports man or woman All About Pokémon   All about Animé

J.9 Painting – A Hokusai inspired painting, a scene of Japanese cherry blossom trees 

What is a Hokusai Inspired Painting

J.10 Collage – Union Jack and Japanese flags combination, collage of some Japanese Kai carp, interpretation of some Japanese traditional fabric Images of Traditional Fabrics

J.11 Creative writing – Haiku poem, a blog entry from an athlete What is a Haiku?

J.12 Something I have grown – A miniature Japanese garden

J.13 Something I have made (this is anything 3D) – A Japanese fan, an origami bird, a papier-mâché teacup and saucer for a Japanese tea ceremony, a traditional Geta dress, a robot, a model of a sporting man or women, a sculpture of a bonsai tree Example of Geta Footwear   All About Origami

J.14 Something I have made/cooked that is edible – sushi, a cake decorated with the Olympic symbols or flags

Junior section is an open exhibition.

This year, there are no age categories or competitions.


J.1 Drawing

J.2 Painting

J.3 Collage

J.4 Creative writing

J.5 Something I have grown

J.6 Something I have made (this is anything 3D)

J.7 Something I have made/cooked that is edible



Or SCAN the QR code using your phone camera 

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