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Claygate Flower & Village Show

Saturday 9th July 2022


Claygate Recreation Ground

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to this year’s Claygate Flower & Village Show after an absence of two extraordinary years.   We recognise that business as well as local residents have struggled through the pandemic, so we are excited to be able to get together again for Claygate’s largest annual event, the most enduring of Flower and Village Shows in the country.


The Flower Show Committee numbers more than thirty people, who give their time freely to put on the oldest show of this type in Surrey.   We are always happy to welcome new people to help us so if you have time to spare to attend up to six meetings a year and or time on Show Day to help run this great event, please contact one of the Committee.


The core of the Show is the Exhibits Marquee where the number and variety of entries displays the essence of Claygate’s spirit.   The range of exhibits stretches across all hobbies and activities from photography to baking, from art to growing vegetables and includes submissions from all ages.   Everyone can ‘have a go’ so read through the Schedule of Classes and fill in an entry form or enter online.


There are activities to see and enjoy all around the ground:  family and friends taking part in the Main Arena, sporting activities, races, classic cars as well as a carnival of animals, including Shetland ponies and exotic creatures and an opportunity to find out a little more about the birds and the bees!   There are plenty of opportunities to refresh yourselves in the beer tent, gin and fizz tent or even tea and cake or ice cream.


Visitors bring our wonderful show to life so please DO join us.

Mike Shotter, President 2022

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