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Top Tips for Exhibiting


• Your exhibits should be brought to the Junior end of the marquee, between 8am and 10am on Saturday 13th July 2024.

• Paper exhibits (pictures, photographs, poems etc.) need to be mounted on card or sugar paper so that we can display your work more effectively. They may be laminated.

• Write your name, school and a phone number on the back of all exhibits

• Only one entry allowed per person per Flower Show class.

• Exhibits created at home or school can be entered by individuals.

• Exhibits must not have been entered into the Flower Show in previous years.

• Please resist the urge to help your children too much; the judges do like to see the children’s own work.





Cut your flowers the evening before and stand them in water overnight

Choose blooms of an even size with well formed foliage

Vases should be an appropriate size for the exhibit & not easily knocked over

All pot plants must have been grown by the exhibitor, or if purchased, owned for at least three months

Pots and vases should be plain, if possible, so as not to detract from the flowers or plant displayed. The judges are judging the exhibit not the pot

Condition: Cleanliness, freshness, tenderness and freedom from coarseness and blemish
Size: Anything overgrown so as to be coarse is faulty, as is anything too small to be useful. Generally, quality is more important than size
Uniformity: In terms of size, shape/form and colour
All vegetables should be arranged on a dish for effect
Root vegetables should be washed but not polished, with tap roots left on.
Onions: Leave 7.5cm/3in of tops, tied with raffia
Shallots: Stage on sand, on a dish, with a little of the top tied over.
Beetroot: Leave 7.5cm/3in stalk, ends sealed with a flame to prevent bleeding, then tied
Tomatoes: Should be ripe but firm, richly coloured with stalks (calyces) attached
Beans: Leave on the little stalks

- Condition: Firm, ripe, unblemished fruit with natural bloom
- Uniformity: In terms of size, shape/form and colour
- Soft Fruit: Present on a dish on a bed of leaves, leave stalks on
- Currants: Present on a dish on a bed of leaves & leaves on their sprigs as grown


All exhibits will be viewed and judged from the front.

The space allowed should be well filled but not overcrowded.

No plant material or accessories should extend beyond the space allowed.

Exhibitors may only enter one arrangement in each numbered class.

- Highest marks are awarded for flavour, followed by external experience.
- No packet mixtures to be used.
- All cooked items should be covered in clear film.
- Cakes and flans should be presented on flat plates or boards & labelled where appropriate.
- Where there are several items, uniform size is important.


- Maximum 10 entries per entrant. Entries exceeding this number will be rejected.

Photos may be mounted on thin card if wished, but maximum size overall, including mount, must not exceed 8 x 10. 

Photos must NOT be framed, as they cannot be hung. Digital pictures should be from a single picture, not composite, except where indicated. 

PLEASE NOTE: All photos will be displayed for you. Please hand your entries, with appropriate entry cards, to an official helper in the photography section of the competition marquee.


- PICTURES MUST BE FRAMED AND INCLUDE A MEANS OF HANGING i.e. string etc. Hooks will be provided. Please state sizes for all artwork so the space required can be allocated. 

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