Adults so many options for entering a range of exhibits, from Horticultural, Floral, Domestic to Art & Photography.

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For each Division click on the 'Link to Division X' box below to display all the classes and their numbers in full. This document outlines sizing and display requirements as well as details of the prizes and trophies associated with each division, it can be downloaded and printed.

There are two ways to enter, WE WOULD PREFER YOU USE OPTION 1

1. Use the 'ENTER EXHIBITS ONLINE' button above to enter your exhibits in all Divisions and Classes

2. Download the Adult entry form (below) and list the classes you are  entering. Don't forget to make a note of the division and class number on your form e.g. B 22 Pansies – six cut stems, in the container provided. Post the form in the box at Johnstons on The Parade
All Entries must be made online and paper by

Don't forget to look at the requirements for entering, size, numbers and display as well as the Top Tips!    Good Luck
From 8am collect entry card(s) from ‘Entries’ gazebo, in front of Exhibits Marquee.

Take your entry card and exhibit to the relevant section at the ADULTS end of the Marquee. Hand them over to a helper. Please note all exhibits in Divisions G, H, J & K will be displayed for you.

Collect exhibits at 5.15pm. Leave any exhibits on the ‘Auction Table’, outside the main exhibits marquee, that you are happy to auction off
Division B
Flowers, Vegetables
& Fruit


Vegetables & Fruit


Regardless of Residency


Classes 18 to 92 in this Division are too many to list here. Please download the class link above

Division C
Flowers, Vegetables & Fruit


Vegetables & Fruit


119 Courgettes - three, with stalks

120 Vegetable in a pot /container - pot not to exceed 38cm (15inches) at the top

121 Herb in a pot/container - pot not to exceed 23cm (9 inches) internal diameter

122  Garden roses in a vase - three cut sprays, one or more kinds

123 Indoor house plant, tended by you for at least three months - pot not to exceed 23cm (9 inches) internal diameter

124  A pot/container planted with Annuals using your own seedlings or purchased plug plants - pot not to exceed  38cm/15in at the top

125  Peas - dish of seven pods

126 Cut Flowers from your garden in a vase, minimum three kinds

Division D
Flowers, Vegetables & Fruit


Vegetables & Fruit


127 White Potatoes - dish of five

128 Onions, 250g or under, with tops cut to not more than 7.5cm/3in - dish of three

129 Beet with tops cut to 7.5cm/3in - dish of three

130 Runner Beans – dish of seven pods

131 Peas – dish of seven pods

132 Collection of three Vegetables, all different kinds, one example of each

133 Collection of one vase of one kind of Annuals, one dish of one kind of Soft Fruit and one dish of one kind of Vegetable

134 One vase of one kind of Annuals

135 Raspberries – dish of ten with stalks

136 Lettuces – two with roots (any variety)

137 Broad Beans - dish of seven pods

138 Carrots – three

139 Courgettes, three, 10-20cm/4-8in excluding stalks

Division F
Floral Exhibits


Floral Exhibits


These classes are open to everyone with a love of flowers. Space allowed 61x61cm/24x24ins

161* Where have all the flowers gone?

162* A basket of Summer flowers. Butlers Cup

163* Summer landscape A Petite exhibit 25cm x 25cm x H37cm

164* A hand-tied bouquet in a glass container

165* A Box of Jewels HMF Faure Challenge Cup for best exhibit in classes


CLASSES FOR NOVICES Open to exhibitors who have never won a first prize in this novice class before. Space allowed 61x61cm/24x24ins

176* Summer circle

177* Fiery flowers

178* Rose garden 


To be judged in accordance with the NAFAS Competitions Manual, 2015 edition, a copy of which is available on request.

180* Platinum Jubilee 

181* Double Decker

182* Back to Basics - an exhibit which does not use floral foam

183* Summer madness

184* Ever Decreasing Circles - a contemporary exhibit

Division G


200 My Favourite Hobby - stitched

201 My Favourite Hobby - constructed

202 My Favourite Hobby - any other method

203 Specimen of Patchwork

204 An article made with Recycled Material

205 Specimen of Embroidery - original design

206 Specimen of Embroidery - kit

207 Garment - machine sewn

208 Hand-knitted Garment

209 Crochet Article

210 Stuffed Toy

211 An item for a Doll’s House

212 A Greetings Card for the Platinum Jubilee

213 An item made from Wood

214 A specimen of Calligraphy

215 A piece of Jewellery - any medium

216 An item in Pottery

217 An item of Stained Glass

Division H


220 A black & white photo, any subject

221 Weather.  Colour or black & white

222 A pattern or abstract picture.  Colour or black & white

223 A portrait (a posed shot of one or more people).  Colour or black & white

224 People (one or more, not posed).  Colour or black & white

225 Plants and flowers.  Colour or black & white

226 Landscapes.  Colour or black & white

227 Water.  Colour

228 All creatures great and small.  Colour

229 Holidays.  Colour

230 Action shot.  Colour or black & white

231 Buildings and monuments.  Colour or black & white

232 A recognisable scene in Claygate

233 Photoshop – more than one photo put together using a digital program such as Photoshop to produce a single image

234 Three photos to illustrate a theme, mounted on one piece of card, title on front.  Size of individual photos must not exceed 8 x 10

Division J


1 Picture in oils or acrylic

2 Picture in water colour

3 Drawing – pastel, pencil or pen & ink

4 A picture featuring plants and/or flowers and/or vegetables, any medium 

5 An abstract picture (pattern design, texture),any medium

6 Collage picture

7 A portrait or figure composition, any medium

8 A landscape, urban or rural, any medium

9 Hand-made print i.e. lino, etching, litho or computer generated (Please state the method of producing print)

10 Textile art

Division K


240 Savoury Quiche using homemade pastry

241 Fruit Flan, base homemade - sponge or pastry

242 Six Sausage Rolls, using homemade pastry

243 A loaf of bread, handmade

244 Cake made with a vegetable ingredient

245 A Fruit Cake, 18-20cms/7-8in diameter

246 My Favourite Tray Bake - four pieces

247 Victoria Sandwich, 18-20cms/7-8in diameter (three egg mixture)

248 A Cake Decorated for a Platinum Jubilee Tea Party

 (judging is purely on external decoration)

249 Six Scones - sweet or savoury

250 Four muffins - two different flavours

251 Six pieces of Shortbread

252 Four Biscuits - different varieties

253 Four Cup Cakes Decorated for a Platinum Jubilee Party

254 Cake made by a Gentleman

255 One Jar of homemade Marmalade

256 One Jar of homemade Jam

257 One Jar of homemade Chutney or Pickle

258 Selection of three Jars of homemade Preserves - different varieties

259 Ten pieces of home-made Fudge

264 A bottle of home-brewed Beer

265 A bottle of Cordial

266 A bottle of homemade liqueur such as sloe gin