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Enter Your Exhibits - Adults

Adults so many options for entering a range of exhibits, from Horticultural, Floral, Domestic to Art & Photography.

For each Division click on the 'Link to Division X' box below to display all the classes and their numbers in full. This document outlines sizing and display requirements as well as details of the prizes and trophies associated with each division, it can be downloaded and printed.

There are two ways to enter, WE WOULD PREFER YOU USE OPTION 1


  1. Use the 'ENTER EXHIBITS ONLINE' button above to enter your exhibits in all Divisions and Classes.

  2. Download the Adult entry form (below) and list the classes you are  entering. Don't forget to make a note of the division and class number on your form e.g. B 22 Pansies – six cut stems, in the container provided. Post the form in the box at Johnstons on The Parade.

All Entries must be made online and paper by NO LATER THAN 6PM, MONDAY 8th JULY 2024.

Don't forget to look at the requirements for entering, size, numbers and display as well as the Top Tips!    Good Luck

From 8am collect entry card(s) from ‘Entries’ gazebo, in front of Exhibits Marquee.

Divisions B, C & D (Horticulture):
Place your entry with your entry card; name face-down and class number face-up.

Divisions G-J: 
Take your entry card and exhibit to the relevant section at the ADULTS end of the Marquee. Hand them over to a helper. Please note all exhibits in Divisions G, H, J & K will be displayed for you.

Collect exhibits at 5.15pm. Leave any exhibits on the ‘Auction Table’, outside the main exhibits marquee, that you are happy to auction off. 

Division B, C & D: Flowers, Vegetables & Fruit
Link to Division B, C & D classes (2024)

Division F: Floral Exhibits
Link to Division F classes (2024)

Division G: Handicrafts​
Link to Division G classes (2024)

Division H: Photography
Link to Division H classes (2024)

Division J: Art
Link to Division J classes (2024)

Division K: Domestic
Link to Division K classes (2024)

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